Academic Business Officers Group (ABOG)

Mission and Purpose

The Academic Business Officers Group (ABOG) is an organization of business officers from academic departments and research organizations. It is one of the oldest staff organizations on campus, and was established as a system-wide group in 1968. The Berkeley chapter, with about 140 members and affiliates, is the only group of its kind that brings together the staff leadership of academic and research units through voluntary association.


Our specific goals are to improve communication among teaching, research, service, and administrative offices of the Berkeley campus; provide a forum for discussion; study administrative problems for the purpose of finding ways to improve and simplify operations at all levels; provide the administration with a broad-based staff resource that is closely involved with the teaching and research mission; support our members by sharing best practices; and promote and recognize the professional identity of department and unit administrators and managers.


Carol Christ, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost


Laura Slakey
(510) 642-4534

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Management Council

Nikki Humphreys - Chair
Manager, Department of Bioengineering
(510) 642-5825

Laura Slakey
Manager, Department of Statistics
(510) 642-4534

Toni Whittle-Ciprazo - Systemwide Representative
Manager, Department of Art Practice
(510) 642-4190

Alex Mastrangeli - Systemwide Representative
Manager, Department of English
(510) 642-2061

Marianne Bartholomew-Couts
Director of Administration, Department of History
(510) 642-2789

Michael Ferencz
Director of Business and Financial Analysis, Graduate Division
(510) 642-7492

Heidi Hallet
Portfolio Team Analyst, Campus Budget Office
(510) 642-1953

Wanda Nieters
Business Officer, Math & Physical Sciences
(510) 642-3401

Megan Amaral
Manager, Energy & Resources Group
(510) 642-1760

Denise Cronin
Organizational Consultant, School of Public Health
(510) 664-7079