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Cal Data Visualization Network is:

  • A community of practice for Cal staff who are dedicated to learning good data analysis and visualization practices

  • We are platform agnostic

  • We are always open to learning and sharing new ways to seek and deliver answers.

  • All Cal staff are welcome, regardless of skill level

  • Our goal is to share knowledge that will empower staff to further the university's mission and broaden their own skill sets

The CDVN works to give staff opportunities to network, share ideas, and grow their skill sets. To that end, we collaborate with other, likeminded communities of practice on campus to share learning opportunities. Our goal is to meet once a month in spaces across campus to facilitate maximum participation. In between meetings, we stay in touch via our mailing list or our Slack Team.

Our monthly meetings will be led by group members. To get on the agenda and share your ideas, please email Kari Peterson at