Disabled Staff Network (DSN)

Mission and Purpose

The Disabled Staff Network (DSN) is a collaborative and supportive campus staff organization that addresses the needs of UC Berkeley staff members with disabilities. "Disabilities" may refer to any combination of physical, psychological, learning, and medical disabilities.


DSN overall goals include:

  • Promoting a safe, accepting, and welcoming environment on campus for staff with disabilities.
  • Advocating for the recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of staff members with disabilities.
  • Supporting current disabled staff members as they endeavor to pursue their personal well-being and professional progress on campus
  • Supporting current staff members who wish to pursue on-the-job accommodations, and assisting them in developing strategies essential to their personal wellbeing and professional progress on campus
  • Recognizing the key roles of our allies in other campus staff organizations, and acting with them in the service of greater campus equity, inclusion, and diversity.

First-year DSN project goals include:

  • Developing a website and campus-organization presence for DSN, including representation on key campus-org committees
  • Creating an accommodation toolkit for current staff
  • Initiating an alumni/HR recruiting event


Sidalia Reel, Director of Staff Diversity Initiatives