Early Development & Learning Science (ED&LS)

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of the ED&LS Early Childhood Inquiry Group is to promote high-quality developmental science learning for all persons interested in working with or on behalf of young children ages 0-8 and their families. We apply developmental science research to the work we do with children and promote the engagement of inquiry-based teacher action research.


  • Deliver and disseminate developmental science research to all persons interested in working with or on behalf of young children ages 0-8 years old.

  • Translate and apply developmental science research into classroom practices to promote research-based curriculum and activities.

  • Engage early childhood educators in inquiry-based teacher action research.


Early Development & Learning Science (ED&LS) Early Childhood Inquiry Group is open to any UC Berkeley staff member. 


  • Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Luvy Vanegas-Grimaud
Research Coordinator/Member

Cheryl Kagawa-Constantini
Teacher Coordinator/Member

Solange Lara
Professional Development Coordinator/Member