Professional Degree Programs MarComm Network

Mission and Purpose

The Professional Degree Programs MarComm Network is a community of current staff who gather to share best practices, knowledge, and ideas specific to communications and marketing for professional graduate degree programs at UC Berkeley. Our goal is to share knowledge that will empower all Berkeley staff, regardless of skill level, to further the university's mission and broaden their own skill sets. 


  1. To share best practices and lessons learned in marketing communications for professional degree programs at UC Berkeley. 
  2. To build a community of professional peers. 
  3. To bring in relevant subject matter experts and campus departments/colleagues/resources, as needed. 


  • Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Current Leadership

Kara Ganter
Co-Chair, Membership & Assessment Chair

Ashley Villanueva 
Co-Chair, Professional Development & Outreach Chair 

Shelley Kim 
Co-Chair, Communications Chair 

Keith McAleer 
At-Large Member