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Webnet’s Charter

Webnet is a voluntary organization for any affiliate of the University of California, Berkeley campus who:

  • Is responsible for managing websites

  • Writes content for the Web

  • Develops applications for the Web

And wants to exchange information, resources, ideas, and tools via email and people-to-people networks and meetings.

Webnet was founded in April 1997 by Shuli Roth of Workstation Support Services. 


First Tuesday, October - June
Noon - 1:30pm
303 Doe Library


Director of Staff Learning and Development

Webnet Meetings for 2019-20 - Calendar

10/1/19Modo - Modo is the recently activated campus platform for Android and iOS that lets anyone discover and leverage one mobile campus platform. The Modo/Mobile steering council will talk about implementing the plug-n-play mobile app at UC Berkeley - Bill Allison, Chief Technology Officer, Ram Kapoor, Chief Marketing Officer, Jon Hays - Service Manager, bConnected Collaboration Services and Jen Bellenger - Change and Engagement Lead

11/5/19Updated UC Berkeley branded Wordpress theme - Leta Negandhi, Web Developer, UC Berkeley Office of Communications & Public Affairs
The UC Berkeley branded Wordpress theme was recently updated to version three. Learn what's new and why you should be using it. Come to hear our upcoming plans and join the campus Wordpress community to help shape the future of both. MEETING LOCATION CHANGE - 105 Doe Library

12/3/19Web Accessibility -  DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Checklist for Developers - Lucy Greco, Accessibility Evangelist, Caroline Boyden, Web Developer, Architecture Platform Integration, and Anna Gazdowicz, Web and Accessibility Specialist.

January - No meeting

2/4/20 -  Website Building Tools with Jesse Loesberg, Web Designer, Library Communications
Are you a front-end developer? Do you get tired of constantly refreshing your browser while you’re working? Are your stylesheets a mile long? Do you want a better way to catch and find Javascript and CSS errors? Jesse Loesberg, Web Designer in the Library Communications Office will introduce you to his favorite development tools. Some may be old friends, others may be new friends, and maybe one will become your new best friend.

3/3/20 - People & Organization Development at UCB - Shirley Giraldo, Informal & Social Learning Lead, People & Culture
Discover FREE professional development opportunities for UCB staff during this engaging presentation. How to leverage informal and social learning to build your skills and enhance your career will also be covered. You will walk away knowing how to: gain new experience to develop your skills, expand your network, and tips for staying ahead with informal learning.

4/7/20Mobile accessibility - Online meeting - Caroline Boyden, Web Developer, Architecture Platform Integration, Anna Gazdowicz, Web and Accessibility Specialist, and Lucy Greco, Accessibility Evangelist.
Interested in learning more about mobile accessibility? In this Zoom session, the Web Platform Services team will provide an introduction to mobile accessibility, discuss what we've done for mobile development on the Open Berkeley platform, and provide additional information about mobile accessibility and facilitate hands-on demonstrations. Have your smartphone and/or tablet handy!

5/5/20 - Web Typography - Zed Lopez, Web Architect, Public Affairs.
Typography is the art and practice of arranging type. If your web site includes text, you're already doing web typography. Join us for an overview of the issues involved in making your web pages' text readable:

  • Loading web fonts
  • Creating a font stack
  • Type size and contrast
  • Accented characters and other alphabets
  • CSS to specify fonts
  • Responsive Design
  • Security (really) 

8/4/20 (Date change!) - Security awareness and best practices - Steven Hansen, Systems Architect and Jake Harwood, Security Operations Supervisor
The Information Security Office will review the top Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guides used to improve the security of software programming across campus. Using Ruby on Rails, we will show how leveraging a framework can save you time, money, and help you sleep better at night. Then we will show real-world examples of how to exploit systems if left unsecured.




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Library IT

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