Webnet Logo

Webnet’s Charter

Webnet is a voluntary organization for any affiliate of the University of California, Berkeley campus who:

  • Is responsible for managing websites

  • Writes content for the Web

  • Develops applications for the Web

And wants to exchange information, resources, ideas, and tools via email and people-to-people networks and meetings.

Webnet was founded in April 1997 by Shuli Roth of Workstation Support Services. 


First Tuesday, October - June
Noon - 1:30pm
303 Doe Library


Director of Staff Learning and Development

Webnet Meetings for 2018-19 - Calendar

October 2Reimagining IT &  you - Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief Information Officer

November 6 - Siteimprove triage - Steve McConnell, Web director & digital news engineer, College of Engineering

December 4 - The Best of HighEdWeb - Debra Goldentyer, Digital Director, Haas School of Business

January - No meeting

February 5 - UC Path overview - Pamela Rich, Berkeley HR & The future of content delivery - Tor Haugan, Writer/Editor, Library Communications Office

March 5 - Wrap your head around Drupal 8 - Jesse Loesberg, Web Designer, Library Communications Office. Drupal 8 brings a lot of improvements over previous versions, many of which come with new challenges for users and developers. Jesse will walk through some of the biggest differences between D7 and D8, with a special focus on theming and front-end development.

April 2Google Analytics & other Google goodiesJesse Loesberg, Web Designer, Library Communications. Are you using Google Analytics to see what people are doing on your website? Want to learn more about what it can do, and how other Google products can integrate with it to help you gather even more information? Jesse Loesberg will show you how the Library Communications Office is using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console to analyze behavior, generate reports, and make design decisions.

May 7 - What a UC Berkeley Webdev needs to know - Zed Lopez, Web Architect, Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Campus and UC policies, accessibility, technologies, and just plain what to request from whom, a Webdev at UC Berkeley needs to know a lot. Join us for this brief survey of what we need to know and more importantly, where to find more.

June 4 - Open discussion forum. Bring your lunch and talk with colleagues about projects, ideas, issues, etc.

July 23 - Special Web Access presentation. (meeting cancelled)