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Mission and Purpose

The practice of group facilitation encourages creative and fruitful collaboration by promoting four core values of participatory groups:

  • Full Participation: diversity of opinions is acknowledged and encouraged
  • Mutual Understanding: all group members understand and respect each other’s points of view
  • Inclusive Solutions: everyone’s perspective and needs are taken into consideration when forming solutions
  • Full Responsibility: each individual has ownership for creating and developing sustainable agreements or outcomes

Source: Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision Making by Sam Kaner

The Berkeley Facilitators Network is devoted to cultivating the art and practice of facilitation on campus by providing a working group where colleagues can make connections, find support, receive training and share best practices on the topic of facilitation.


  • To create a participatory working group for individuals interested in practicing skills and sharing best practices in the area of facilitation
  • To positively impact the UC community by promoting participatory decision making and providing a directory of trained individuals who are willing to serve as facilitators for groups, teams and meetings


Director of Staff Learning and Development
Sidalia Reel, Director of Staff Diversity Initiatives


If you would like to be added to the BFN listserv and/or have BFN events added to your bCal calendar, contact:

Karen Twelves

You may also contact co-chairs:

Kelly McNeese

Ruthann Haffke


Kelly McNeese 
(510) 642-6837

Ruthann Haffke
(510) 642-0431

Bene Gatzert
Past Co-Chair 
(510) 642-3629

Karen Twelves
Member Engagement Lead
(510) 642-2722

Omar Ramirez
Marketing & Communications Lead 
(510) 642-0926