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BSFO Contact and Officers

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BSFO Leadership 2022-2023

Kristian Dawson Chair

Fred Smith Vice-Chair

Ashlee Baylis-Hosley Membership & Social Committee Chair

Fatima Alleyne...

AMP (formerly ABOG) Contact and Officers

Elena Wen Jiang - Chair
CFO for Vice Chancellor of Administration

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Management Council

Joanne Straley - Chair-Elect
Manager, Plant & Microbial Biology

Sandy Richmond - Past Chair
Director of...

Cal Women's Network Contact and Officers

2022-23 Steering Committee

Heidi Wagner
Orsolya Nadasdi

Communications Chair
Adrianne Griffith

Community & Social Programs Chair
Vandana Gandhi

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Justice (DEIBJ) Chair
Diane Lang

Membership & Assessment Chair
Ziva Armstrong

Professional Development & Education Chair
Aisha Hamilton


UCD Contact and Officers

Website: Berkeley UX


Rachel Hollowgrass

Chara Bui
Steering Committee Member

Flint Hahn
Steering Committee Member

APASA Contact and Officers Subscribe to our newsletter Like us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn 2022-23 APASA Steering Committee

Ava Blustein
Em Huang...

LavenderCal Contact and Leadership Team

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Leadership Team

David Beausoleil (he/him)...

Alianza Contact and Officers

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BRAG Officers

Officers/Steering Committee

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Brenda Naputi
VCR Financial Analyst

Constanza Rodriguez
Berkeley Regional Services, ProS Region

Daniel Ettlinger
Berkeley Regional Services, SHARE Region

Erin McGee
Berkeley Regional Services, ProS Region

Hannah Holloway (co-chair)
Berkeley Regional Services, SHARE...