Berkeley Research Administrators Group (BRAG)

BRAG meeting Photo

Mission and Purpose 

The mission of the Berkeley Research Administrators Group (BRAG) is to provide a forum for collegial interaction in the research administration community. We do this by facilitating presentations by subject matter experts, creating an environment to foster peer-to-peer exchanges, and seeking and sharing best practices.


BRAG is a forum for discussion and sharing of problems, information and best practices that Berkeley research administrators encounter during their not-so-routine workday. Any employee of the Regents of the University of California is invited to become an Active Member of BRAG.

It should be understood that, during discussion, solutions of practices might be put forward that are not appropriate for everyone. It is our hope that members will voice any desired corrections or clarifications, but will do so in a kind and respectful manner.

Additionally, members should understand that with research administration there often is no one correct practice or solution, only what is reasonable and works well for a particular unit.

The discussions are meant to be food for thought. Please eat with discrimination and care.


Director of Staff Learning and Development