Berkeley User Experience (Berkeley UX)

Mission and Purpose

Berkeley User Experience (Berkeley UX) is a community of practitioners dedicated to improving the usefulness and usability of campus projects by teaching, training and providing expertise related to user experience research and design. UX is set of methodologies that assess and attend to the needs, wants, and limitations of product users at each stage in the product lifecycle. UX is an important complement to the practices of both business analysis and accessibility.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Website & application reviews

  • UX workshops and events

  • Slack channel for discussion of UX issues

  • Collaboration with UCUX, the UC-systemwide UX group


  • To raise awareness of how UX can increase user satisfaction, productivity and adoption while decreasing development, support and training costs.

  • To provide access to materials and opportunities to help staff develop professionally while building knowledge and skills in user experience research and design.

  • To provide campus project teams with feedback on the usability and usefulness of their websites and applications.


  • Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging