Campus User-Centered Design (UCD) Group

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Mission and Purpose

The Campus User-Centered Design (UCD) Group is a community of practitioners dedicated to improving the usefulness, usability, and user experience of campus projects by teaching, training and providing expertise about user-centered design. User-centered design is a design philosophy and a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of the users of a product are given attention at each stage of the design process. It is an important complement to the practice of business analysis.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Website & application reviews
  • Seminars & guest speakers on UCD
  • Mailing list for discussion of UCD-related issues
  • Resources and best practices posted on our wiki

To find out more about our meeting times and activities, please visit our Group Page.


  • To raise awareness of how user-centered design can help increase user satisfaction, productivity and adoption while decreasing development, support and training costs.
  • To provide access to materials and opportunities to help community members build their knowledge and skills in the area of user-centered design.
  • To provide campus project teams with feedback on the usability and usefulness of their websites and applications.


  • Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging