Staff Alliance for Disability Access (SADA)

The alliance logo:  drawing of a person in a wheelchair high-fiving a person standing up. The words read  "The alliance" next to the words UC Berkeley

Mission and Purpose

The Staff Alliance for Disability Access (SADA) is a collaborative and supportive campus staff organization that addresses the needs of UC Berkeley staff members with disabilities. "Disabilities" may refer to any combination of physical, psychological, learning, and medical disabilities.


SADA's overall goals include:

  • Promoting a safe, accepting, and welcoming environment on campus for staff with disabilities.
  • Advocating for the recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of staff members with disabilities.
  • Supporting current disabled staff members as they endeavor to pursue their personal well-being and professional progress on campus
  • Supporting current staff members who wish to pursue on-the-job accommodations, and assisting them in developing strategies essential to their personal wellbeing and professional progress on campus.
  • Recognizing the key roles of our allies in other campus staff organizations, and acting with them in the service of greater campus equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Current SADA goals include: 

  • Facilitate two "UC Berkeley Employment Open House for Job Seekers with Disabilities" events where the community of the disabled at large can come and apply for jobs here on campus.
  • Facilitate one "University of California Convention for Disabled Access (UCCDA)" event where UC System-wide Representatives can meet and discuss the issues concerning the UC campuses Community of the Disabled.
  • Administrating the accommodation toolkit for current staff.
  • Facilitate two UC Berkeley Campus presentations for students, faculty, and staff.
  • A marketing drive with multiple staff events for participation.

SADA Meetings

SADA meets every 3 weeks on Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. via zoom. View our UC Berkeley meeting and events calendar here. To be added to our meeting calendar invite and listserv and receive a Zoom link for our meetings, please email

SADA Campus Sponsor

Our campus sponsor is Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

SADA Community Resources

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Accommodation Best Practices

This document clarifies the rights and responsibilities of employers and individuals with disabilities regarding reasonable accommodations.

Staff Ombuds Office

The Staff Ombuds Office is an independent department that provides strictly confidential, impartial, and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services for all Staff, Non-Senate Academics, and Faculty who perform management functions. See the Services page for more information, or download a flyer.  To schedule an appointment, call (510) 642-7823.

Workplace Accommodations 

For questions about workplace accommodations or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation, visit the Job Accommodation Network website.

Faculty/Staff Disability Management

For consultative services to faculty and staff with respect to disability issues impacting work, visit the Faculty/Staff Disability Management website

Be Well at Work

Technology is always around us. From smart devices to social media platforms, most of us are constantly digitally connected. While our ever-changing technology definitely has its benefits, there are also risks. This semester, Be Well at Work can help you find a tech/life balance. You can learn about the potential risks of technology, healthy technology habits, and ways to reconnect with others and yourself. Learn more on the Balancing Technology webpage.

Inclusive Recreation

UC Berkeley Recreational Sports is proud to offer memberships for students, community members, faculty, and staff that will grant you access to 13 of our facilities. Included in your membership are free classes and open fitness opportunities. They also offer a number of programs specifically designed for members with disabilities including goalball, CalSTAR yoga, and the use of adaptive equipment. If you have a disability and are interested in joining as a community member, you may qualify for the CalSTAR membership at a huge discount.



Please feel free to reach out to UC Berkeley Inclusive Rec Coordinator, Torre Meeks with any additional questions:

Media and Video (SADA events)

UCB Professional Panel on the Working from Home Workplace Accessibility for People with Disabilities, held 10/21/2020
UC Berkeley accommodation, working-from-home experience, and ergonomic experts discuss working-from-home accommodations, tips - tricks, and ergonomics for the home office of persons with disabilities. Webinar includes questions and answers from the audience to the panel. 

UC Berkeley Accessibility Panel (Staff Alliance for Disability Access)



Past events

Disability Employment Open House - Oct 18, 2018

University Hall, Room 24

Employment Flyer

Employment Flyer (Agenda, FAQ's and Information)

In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), UC Berkeley will host the following event:

Disability Employment Open House 2017
Monday, October 30, 12 noon – 2:30PM in University Hall, Room 24 (basement level) 

(The accessible entrance is located at the entrance on the South side of the building. Enter the doors at the South side of the building, travel to the North side of the building and take one of the two elevators down to the basement level and exit the elevator. Turn left and walk directly into room 24.)

This event, organized by Campus Shared Services Recruitment and the Disability Compliance Office, is a chance for job applicants with disabilities (including current Berkeley staff) to meet with recruiters, and other campus representatives, to gain information on accommodations in the recruitment process and in the workplace, and to obtain practical, hands-on help applying for jobs. For more information, contact Sr. CSS Recruiter Yahaira Maldonado at

To request disability-related accommodations to attend the event, please contact Disability Compliance Officer Derek Coates asap. Email Disability Compliance Officer Derek Coates at

Check out our flyer for this event!

Fire! No Warning

Derek Coates - SADA Member - Sept. 14, 2017 

About a week ago I heard the door to our suite open and a voice say "Hello, UCPD!!"

I thought that odd, but opened my door and went to see what was going on. As I opened my door I heard it.  It was a fire alarm. What???  The kind police officer verbally confirmed what I was hearing.  I am blind and engage in confidential conversations as part of my ordinary work day. With the door to our suite closed, a floor to ceiling wall separating my office from the suite door, the door to my office closed, the fan in my office on medium, the loud constant sound from the Car Wash outside my window, the electronic voice sounds I listen to as I type coming from the headphone on my right ear, the interactive talk sounds emitted from the telephone headset earphone on my left ear, and the white noise throughout our suite, I could not hear the fire alarm.  When I reached the downstairs lobby, there was smoke throughout the lobby but the fireman told me it was okay.  He called me by name, which was kind of cool.  Understandably, I returned to my office stunned.

None of our staff with disabilities should experience what I went through and all should be called by name if they need assistance when a fire alarm or any other disastrous events occur.

Solution:  A laminated card with your contact information, location, disability type can be placed in a fire department key box (Knox box) at your request.  Be sure to tell them to update it if you change office locations and your request can be sent to Zack Phillips (  Let us all be and remain safe!!

Derek Coates
Disability Compliance Officer
U.C. Berkeley